Research infrastructures alone are not enough to create a breakthrough. This requires knowledge, with the help of experienced innovation consultants.
In 2008 The Government of Lithuania had a strong belief that the new Science and Technology Parks in Lithuania will serve as a convenient space for business enterprises, scientists and students to combine their knowledge, experience and ideas, and will lead to the development of innovations as well as initiation and implementation of numerous business projects.
The Science & technology parks (STPs) act as ‘innovation enablers’ for the implementation of Lithuanian Operational Programme (OP) for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014-2020. Its’ focus is on delivery of higher added value services by STPs: knowledge transfer and technology transfer, promotion of cluster creation processes, commercialization of ideas, promotion of innovative entrepreneurship, and the implementation of innovative and technological audits.
Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, which is also acting as a national Digital Innovation Hub (DIH).

The Park operates in a unique environment – in the biggest knowledge – study, research and business – triangle in the Baltic States – Sunrise Valley. Lithuanian universities, four open-access centres and biotechnology business incubator operate in the Valley. Over 20k students and 5k scientists & researchers in the Valley.

Stakeholders: a) Vilnius University b) Vilnius Gediminas Technical University c) Municipality of Vilnius
d) Lithuanian laser association e) JSC Alna group. Beneficiaries: Startups and SME

Resources needed

8,1 M EUR, Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Municipality of Vilnius and a private bank.

Evidence of success

Since 2008:
Number of enterprises: 211 (start-up: 134),
Implemented projects: 33,
Investments attracted: 7.7M Eur

Difficulties encountered

The implementation of such ambitious and far-reaching initiatives often progresses more slowly than initially expected, not least owing to the need to ensure the continuous consensus and effective partnership among the main stakeholders

Potential for learning or transfer

Research infrastructures alone are not enough to create a breakthrough. This requires knowledge, with the help of experienced innovation consultants, to identify needs and help find a way. Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, located near universities and research centers, plays an important role in increasing science and business cooperation. It is one of the best-case scenarios, where science meets business and produces valuable products and services to enhance the well-being of public society in Lithuania. It is renowned for:

a) Cooperation between universities, open access centres and business incubators.
b) High number of scientists and students in the Valley
c) Improved industry-scientific institutions linkages and co-operation, thereby encouraging greater investment in R&D and innovation.
d) Services provided by the Science and Technology Park facilitate the commercialisation of research outcomes, and new startups

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Main institution
Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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