Use of visible band and thermal imaging camera to inspect roofs of local authority buildings.
There is an ongoing need to inspect the roofs of local authority buildings in order to detect damage or maintenance issues that need addressing.
Council buildings have to be inspected at least once every five years. Typically this involves erecting scaffolding which is costly. It also requires workers to 'work at height' which carries the risks of falls and injuries.
By performing the roof inspections using modern drone platforms there are considerable savings to the tax payer, and savings from public funds can be used elsewhere.

Resources needed

No additional staff required. Thermal imaging drone can be purchased for as little as 1500 euros.

Evidence of success

Repeat surveys at other council assets. The cost saving benefits are the key driver for using drones in this application area. For example a conventional roof survey on a certain main building, will cost the local authority upwards of £20,000 and may take up to two weeks to complete. The same survey conducted by drone can be completed in a day or two, and costs approx. £2000, a £18,000 saving.

Difficulties encountered

How to share the data in the most efficient manner for the end-users. (Post processing and data presentation issues).

Potential for learning or transfer

Any local authority could adopt this practice and realise cost savings.
Main institution
Lancashire County Council
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Start Date
June 2019
End Date


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