The use of drones is necessary in showcasing Croatia in the field of tourism, whether through photography or film.
- Ground level photography does not give a general perspective that drones can give.
- How to shoot a camp site or villa in its surrounding environment? How to show national parks and monuments which engage with their surroundings?
- With the use of easy to manoeuvre drones, the capture of perspectives never seen before are possible. The photography and film not only give a general perspective of a location, it also engages visually with the audience and therefore serves its purpose of promoting tourism in the country.

Resources needed

Paul Prescott runs a streamlined production company (micro Ltd company called we're those j.d.o.o. ). On a photo/film shoot about 2 people are necessary.

Evidence of success

A crowdfunding campaign film was made for the launch of the travel guidebook, which raised 30.000 euro. Without the use of drones (70% of all footage) the impact would not have been so great. The stunning shots over Sibenik and the surrounding fortresses gave a dimension ground shots could not give.
Camp Kargita: Showcasing the camp and all the associated and surrounding activities, the film was able to secure full bookings during the 2020 Corona tourist season.

Difficulties encountered

The main challenges are the social acceptance and lack of secured laws that protect photographers and filmmakers in the production of aerial work.

Potential for learning or transfer

Through better understanding of the potential of aerial photography and film in the tourist industry, local and national tourist offices, business owners could improve their offering and branding, bringing quality tourism to their locations.
Main institution
we're those j.d.o.o. - photography and film production company
Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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