Opening up parts of the healthcare infrastructure to companies for providing remote care services to citizens and co-designing healthcare services with citizens
Storuman's municipal company AB and Glesbygdsmedicinskt Center (a research and innovation unit at Region of Västerbotten) are jointly opening up parts of their healthcare infrastructure to companies for providing remote care services to citizens.
At the same time as the infrastructure is being opened up, a model for service innovation is being tested for critical services. The model is based on six steps; identification, anchoring, service development, piloting, transition to operation and new practices. The model is general and should be able to be used in all areas of public service.
The main problems addressed by this good practice is to guarantee access to healthcare services at distance from sparsely populated areas and stimulate co-creation of healthcare services by engaging citizens.
The main objectives reached by this good practice are:
1) to provide business and citizens with controlled healthcare environments where they can test, observe and develop critical remote health and care services;
2) to increase visibility of the rural area's potential as an innovation area.
3) to increase efficiency while maintaining or increasing service level.
Stakeholders and beneficiaries:
• Citizens living in sparsely populated areas in Sweden lack access to healthcare services. Companies need engagements of citizens to co-design, test and validate innovative products and services.
• Local governments need to facilitate the process of digital transformation.

Resources needed

• Amount of funding: 750000 Euro
• Staff: 5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

Evidence of success

Remote access to the healthcare infrastructure is under evolution, with places allowing companies to test and validate with citizens healthcare services and applications. Results are contributing to create a new market for providers of remotely managed healthcare functions.

Difficulties encountered


Potential for learning or transfer

This good practice has potential for being transferred to other cities/regions seeking for Digital Transformation of their healthcare system.
The methodology developed for service development is general and based on international experience. It helps to identify the areas that are most critical and has the greatest potential to change and supports the process of change from identification through anchoring to implementation and continuous improvement.
The methodology has been tested within health care in relevant hospitals in the city of Storuman. Within the aviation side, the method will continue to develop after the project period and will be transferred as part of the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority's Recearch Center.
The work in both areas has contributed to working nationally with sparsely populated areas as a model area for digital transformation, as complexity and small-scale makes it effective to develop new services and build model areas for greater roll-out.
Main institution
Storuman's municipal company AB
Övre Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 2019
End Date
January 2021


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