Travelling Programme managed by the Regional Government of Castilla y León aimed at facilitating elderly the access to national/international destinations.
Club integrating different programs for people over 60 (registered in the region) which aims both to prevent dependency and to promote personal development and independent life (Active and Healthy Ageing).
Specifically, this Travelling Programme – partially co-financing (only available for registered members), aims to facilitate elderly the access to national and international travel opportunities (destinations) to promote the knowledge of other cultures and geographical territories.
The Programme is fully managed by the Regional Government of Castilla y León – Spain (Social Services) but it requires the private sector (mainly travel agencies or touroperators) to be implemented.
On these grounds, the responsible Unit annualy launches a PUBLIC TENDER to select the TRAVEL AGENCIES to organise the trips (lots).
On the other hand, beneficiaries are chosen by draw – after a selection process (users who ask for a travel first time, have priority to get a seat).
Thus, the main beneficiaries are Club members, but they also have the possibility to choose the companion of any other person (over 18 and also registered in the region).
All services are included and organised by the Programme: transport, accommodation, meals, official guides, excursions, insurances…
The economical point of view of this good practice is found in the HIGH ECONOMIC IMPACT IN ALL DESTINATIONS. Indirectly: hotels, restaurants, bus companies, official guides, tourism attractions... (all over the world).

Resources needed

Public-private collaboration.
Programme managed by the SOCIAL SERVICES UNIT. It’s coordinated from the central services in Valladolid but territorial offices in the other 8 provinces are also involved.
Around 30 M€ annual. Partially co-funded for beneficiaries (costs depending on the destination)

Evidence of success

Experienced and well known Programme (close to 30 years).
High number of Club members all over the region (more than 340.000).
34 destinations: Spain, Europe, America, Asia… (trips are organised in 2 rounds; spring and autumn). The Programme offers quality destinations at competitive prices.
It is also considered a way of STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS because allows members to travel with children, grandchildren or anyone over 18.
Available seats (2020): 32.950.

Potential for learning or transfer

This good practice offers a possibility for those elderly interested in travelling as well as to promote the knowledge of other cultures and geographical territories (this is a big opportunity for those living in rural areas, specially).
The potential for learning (concept and structure of the Programme) is really high although the transference (and the final number of beneficiaries) will depend on the budget of the administration/entity offering the service – as well as the rate of co-financing foreseen.
Main institution
Regional Government of Castilla Y León
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 1991
End Date


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