A health technology ecosystem of companies and healthcare experts developing health service innovations utilizing artificial intelligence and robotics.
The CleverHealth Network is a health technology ecosystem coordinated by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) and companies in which companies and health care experts develop better treatment and technological solutions for Finns and successful export products for companies. The network bases its products and service innovations on their extensive “health data lake”, a large mass of data built and analyzed by HUS. The network members represent a wide range of small and large companies that are specialized in data collection and analysis, software, genomic data as well as health technology devices and applications. Innovation takes place in development projects established within the ecosystem. 4 separate projects have been started, the most extensive project features 3 sub-projects. In addition, several new projects are in preparation. In these collaborative projects, professionals from HUS, university researchers, and business experts from different technological fields develop new solutions to well-defined clinical challenges. The results are better medical care and successful health technology service and product innovations to businesses.

Resources needed

The network is coordinated by HUS and funded by Business Finland & participating member companies. In addition, each member of the ecosystem brings to the table their own expertise and resources such as industry connections or knowledge.

Evidence of success

The CleverHealth Network has received multiple recognitions for its success. In addition to the Intelligent Health award granted by Microsoft, the network was also granted a Growth Engine status by Business Finland, a recognition given to the most promising ecosystems, and including significant additional funding. CleverHealth Network is the first ecosystem in the health sector to be granted the Growth Engine status.

Potential for learning or transfer

• Digitalization of health data allows for data sharing to enable innovation; HUS facilitates clinical data exploitation through an integrated HUS-DataLake solution.
• Building of a multidisciplinary network of innovators and hospitals which ensures that the needs of patients and healthcare are met
• Facilitation of the development and export of innovations

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Main institution
HUS Helsinki University Hospital
Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
September 2017
End Date


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