DiVit is a highly scalable and flexible system, which gives total control over the hardware and the content.
Extended Reality visualization solutions make the discovery of digital collections, museum exhibitions, archive documents and maps a thrilling adventure. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and GIS can open new dimensions in CCT.
CCI’s: cultural heritage, digital products, archives and libraries, museums and galleries, software, toys&game, VR/AR.
Renovated Mecsek Mining Exhibition at Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs, where two touch screen terminals located in the refurbished exhibition spaces feature DiVit experience terminal system. This is remembering the coal and uranium mining, an industry that has ceased to exist. DiVit helps the Museum Pedagogy from 2018 in two touchscreen terminals: with the help of spectacular animations visitors learn about the construction of mines and excavations, the dangers of mines and the defences against them, as well as listen to the miner's recollections and stories. The theme of the horizontal giant touch screen terminal is on the one hand a map-based presentation of the Mecsek mining sites illustrated with photos and descriptions, and on the other hand a description of the formation and use of coal and uranium with the help of interactive 3-dimensional models. And the most popular content is an interactive game in which players can compete with each other to try out the barren sorting process.
DiVit gave a new image to the old museum, modernized it’s services. TourInform offices promoted it, which caused the increasing number of visitors.

Resources needed

The project in Janus Pannonius Museum was funded by Ágoston Kubinyi Program. The aim of the tender: provide a central budget source for the professional support of municipally maintained museum institutions. Usually this kind of digital development costs approximately from 23 000 EUR.

Evidence of success

The first DiVit digital sand table was established in Papa in 2016. After Papa’s Esterhazy-castle success this new wave of Museum Pedagogy started to get popularity: now there are 8 places in Hungary where the institute uses DiVit to attract tourists to the Museums visit and enjoy the exhibitions. Co-creation stands in the synergy of different kind of institutes and the CCI’s diversity. This exemplification gave new life of cultural heritages.

Potential for learning or transfer

CCT faces the problem that it is difficult to arouse the interest of the new generation. New Museum Pedagogical directions must be invented by CCI’s provided solutions (digital products, software, toys&game, VR/AR). Developments must be in line with modern trends, digital education to activate the young.
DiVit give this by flexibility to learn playful: exhibitions can step to the next level with spectacular interactive content brought to the users by terminals, mobile applications, VR glasses or mixed reality installations. This kind of support makes possible to the local CCT to increase the number of visitors and in that way the income generating by selling tickets.
Implementation of digital solutions in tourism sector is necessarily nowadays. Multimedia touchscreens and sand tables can be implemented in several institutes (libraries, museums, cultural heritages) with several topics from mining through battles to wineries etc.
Main institution
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
March 2018
End Date


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