In December 2019, CCDRC proposed an Institutional Pact for the Valorisation of the Circular Economy to all active entities (public/private) operating in Centro.
Circular economy (CE) is a strategic domain for Centro region of Portugal. Although various regional stakeholders are promoting the transition to a CE, the need to develop mapping exercises of the different circular projects and initiatives is widely recognized, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of such actions and to establish a collective commitment to jointly tackle the transition process; to this end, the Institutional Pact for the Valorization of the Circular Economy was created.
The Pact aims at encouraging the adoption of commitments to circular practices in Centro Region through an open and voluntary subscription: this enables the collection of information on good practices and the identification of concrete examples of circularity, while allowing their dissemination via different communication channels.
Up until now, more than 80 signatory entities have proposed concrete actions within the various themes associated with the circular economy, such as the valorisation of by-products and waste, reuse and repair, circular procurement, sustainable mobility, remanufacturing and distribution, promotion of short circuits, as well as awareness and dissemination actions.
The signatory entities of the Pact are of different typologies, such as sectoral and business associations, technological centers, incubators, companies, universities and polytechnic institutes, municipalities, intermunicipal associations and other regional entities.

Resources needed

No financial resources were mobilised for the development of this initiative except for the CCDRC’s team that coordinates the process.
All entities identify a contact person responsible for the action development. All stakeholders involved act on a voluntary basis, including CCDRC (coordinator).

Evidence of success

Since the launch of the Institutional Pact for the Valorisation of the Circular Economy in December 2019, more than 80 entities have decided to take part.
The commitment of such numerous regional actors to a voluntary scheme of CE promotion within a short time period is to be considered a success, reflecting the significance of the CE transition for Centro region stakeholders. Moreover, the signatories well represent all the actors of the regional Quadruple Helix.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is widely recognized that in order to transition toward a CE, the collaboration among the diverse actors working in different sectors is crucial. The Institutional Pact for the Valorisation of the Circular Economy symbolizes how collaborative governance can bring positive results in terms of commitment toward the CE transition.
The Pact has a great potential for transfer in all those geographical areas characterized by an already existing network of sound connections among the Quadruple Helix actor, but it can also be exploited to generate novel and constructive relationships among the regional stakeholders and with the public sphere, promoting opportunities for a participative governance environment.

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Main institution
Commission for Regional Development and Coordination of Centro
Centro (PT),
Start Date
December 2019
End Date
June 2021


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