Promote smart growth through interregional cooperation for the promotion of Innovation in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT).
The development of IoT technologies is having a boost in the last years and it is believed that will have a key role in the uses of infrastructures, cities, industries, and in developing business. Until now it is observed that the absorption and use of IoT solutions in industry is mainly done by big companies, and the main objective of the IOTEC project is to create conditions in the market to bring and spread IoT also to SMEs.
IoT solutions can help SMEs to improve productivity, and competitiveness in international markets. This way, IOTEC aims to promote smart growth through interregional cooperation for the promotion of Innovation in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), in Central region of Portugal and Castile and León, and take advantage of the important investments in scientific and technological infrastructures that where done in these two regions in the last years, like Universities and Technological Centers. This will generate an increase of scientific publications in IoT and an increase of scientific training to IoT Engineers and specialists, and IoT SMEs for the development of new and innovative solutions adapted to the industry needs and realities on these regions, helping to convert IoT into a key enabling technology for industrial SMEs.
Regarding industrial SMEs the actions are built to help them increase competitiveness, mainly in the traditional sectors, like agro-industry.

Resources needed

1.544.817,58€ of total investment – FEDER: 1.158.613,26€.
Involvement of universties and technological centers. The creation of work groups to establish global links and connections between the centers in the two regions, with specific training programs and doctorates in IoT technologies.

Evidence of success

The IOTEC project has far surpassed its initial objectives regarding parity between professionals and scientific experts. Furthermore, a total of 50 companies and organisations became involved in the project although the initial target was 8.
More than 60 regional SMEs investing in R&D in order to obtain new ICT products and services in IoT.
At least 20 ICT SMEs and 10 industrial SMEs from each region will benefit directly from training and advice coming from the IOTEC project.

Difficulties encountered

No specific barriers were met during the implementation of the practice. IOTEC project has far surpassed its initial objectives. An interregional action plan will result in a return of investments through the funding of cross-border and international projects in IoT that involve different actors.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project has led to intelligent growth in the cross-border cooperation area, promoting innovation, research and technological development. It has also led to the improvement of research and innovation (R&I) infrastructures and has increased the capacity for excellence in R&I. European Competence Centres have also been promoted.
Moreover, produced improvements on scientific excellence making the Cross-Border Cooperation area more competitive internationally in several lines of research.
An ecosystem of pilot work in the R&D of IoT technologies with all the involved actors (public administration and public and private Spanish and Portuguese stakeholders), this includes a promotion and diffusion program in IoT in the educational field, as well as for the general public.

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Main institution
Universidad de Salamanca
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
July 2017
End Date
June 2019


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