The Launch Game is a dynamic game in which teams experience what it's like to start their own business. In two hours you experience the start-up of your company
The Launch Game simulates the start-up phase of a company based on a specific technology. A group of players receive information about a certain technology and then form a company and start playing the launch game. During the game the company owners need to develop their enteprenreurial plan. They need to go to the patent office, the chamber of commerce, find loans at banks or investment companies, enlist at an incubator and ultimately find their launching customer. Teams have to find the right sequence in these steps and get awarded points or money for it. Who ever finds the launching customer and has the most turn-over or finances available wins the game. In the end, all the advisors collectively determine the winner of the launch game.
The game consists of four rounds. Each round lasts about 20 minutes. Teams may only speak to the same advisor once per round. They have to decide for themselves which advisers they want to speak to, what they want to get out of the conversation and in what order they plan the various counselling sessions. After each round, the results are entered into the computer and fed back to the teams as 'half-yearly figures' during the next round.

Resources needed

You need about 12-14 people to play the role of advisor and launching customer. You would need a room (rent) with some break out facility. It is stimulating to organise a kind of pizza and beer before starting the game. A total of 2.000 euro per game should be sufficient to cover space and drinks.

Evidence of success

We have organised 10 - 15 Launch Games from 2018 onwards. Together with some partners we have played the game in several sectors: Watertechnology, Industry 4.0 technology, Health-tech, University students, Facebook challenge, etc. We have played the game with approximately 250 would-be entrepreneurs. Some of these persons have turned up at the Inqubator afterwards with their real life business plan. In the region, we have 3 other start-ups who started their company after playing the game.

Difficulties encountered

To find SMEs demonstrating their technology to be of inspiration for the launch game players/team.
To convert winners of the launch game in starting a company in real life.

Potential for learning or transfer

This inspirational activity to fuel the start-up ecosystem in your region is a great way to make promotion and to demonstrate active policy ambition in the region. We are able to share our blue print and provide you a guideline to start using the launch game in your city/region. With some short training you will be able to use it yourself.
We are busy turning the game into a digital version to be able to play the game via an app.
Main institution
Inqubator Leeuwarden
Friesland (NL),
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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