The project Regional Brand “Lubelskie” is to promote products and services form region, by granting them a registered trademark - symbol of quality, innovation.
The problem:
1. poor recognisability of Lubelskie products and services. There are many, innovative producers of goods and suppliers of services. Due to poor marketing, they are often unable to compete with much worse quality products, whose brands are already embedded in consumers awareness. The Regional Brand “Lubelskie” is a trademark recognized in Poland and in the world, which is associated with innovative products and services of the highest quality.
2. No identification of the product or service with its place of origin.

Awarding the Regional Brand „Lubelskie” is made by the Chapter (2 members of the LuVo Board and 5 impartial persons of public trust). Information about awarded companies is announced at special, annual celebrity – grand event Ambassador of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. Awarded entrepreneurs can use perpetually the Regional Brand “Lubelskie” trademark.
Currently certificate is used by 72 companies from 9 sectors. Since 2018, companies are promoted on mobile stand, which during 2 years visited over 20 regional events in different parts of Poland. During 13 years entrepreneurs took part in several events in shops, shopping malls, trade exhibitions, fairs, economic mission and promotional stands.
Main Stakeholders and beneficiaries of the BP:
1. entrepreneurs running business in the Lubelskie Voivodeship for at least 24 months.
2. Debut of the Year: companies running business in the Voivodeship up to 24 months.

Resources needed

The project was co-financed with the ROP LuVo 2007-2013 (ERDF) in the amount of approx. EUR 1 mln. for all planned actions (including the aforementioned). The project maintenance costs approx. EUR 1,8 mln. Team of 3 people is working in the Regional Brand “Lubelskie” Office.

Evidence of success

Interest in the project is growing. Many companies, even outside the Lubelskie Voivodeship, ask about the possibility to participate in the project.
4 editions of the project co-financed from the ROP
72 awarded entrepreneurs
5 marketing workshops and conferences
1 business mission
9 Promotional campaign
200 gift sets
13 gala Ambassador of Lubelskie Voivodeship
800 participants gala Ambassador of Lubelskie Voivodeship
20 regional events with mobile stand
7429 likes on facebook

Difficulties encountered

● lack of trust in competences of Marshall Office employees (low interest of companies) and lack of understanding of the project idea
● inappropriate people attended trainings ( e.g. specialized training of internationalization – only few people from sales and marketing)

Potential for learning or transfer

One of the most important elements for company's success and increasing the scale up is building brand awareness. Entrepreneurs more often have to struggle to be memorable and compete for customers.
Branding is a specific process consisting of many marketing activities that allow to exist in the customer’s minds and give them positive, associated values.
Because branding is time-consuming and cost-intensive. SMEs cannot afford the expensive and advanced activities.
The objective of Regional Brand “Lubelskie” project is to speed up the process and minimize the costs associated within comprehensive branding and promotion activities.
The practice of Regional Brand “Lubelskie” can be useful tool for regions, where economy depends on micro and small companies. Such companies, even if they have a good products or services, do not have enough power to showcase and then expand in a high competitive business environment.

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Main institution
Marshal Office of the Lubelskie region
Start Date
April 2007
End Date


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