Supports investors and exporters - the 1st contact for foreign entrepreneurs interested in investing in the region and for locals interested in exporting.
COIE exists in the the Marshal's Office of the Lublin Voivodeship (Department of Economy and Entrepreneurship Support).The aim of the project is to increase the level of internationalization of local companies, by making it easier to access comprehensive, high-quality and non-paid information for planning, organizing and implementing exports and/or investments outside of Poland. This also includes activities aimed at increasing the level of foreign investment in Poland, by facilitating access to information on conditions for starting a business in Poland.
● servicing investors interested in undertaking economic activities in Lubelskie
● providing information on the economic and legal conditions for investing in Lubelskie
● help in choosing locations for investments
● creating and promoting the investment offer
● organisation of economic missions, conferences, seminars and trainings
● help in dealing with local authorities and business institutions
● initiating contacts between entrepreneurs and entities
● information on the principles of conducting business on a given market
● assistance in establishing contacts
● organization and service of economic missions, trade training, industry meetings
COIE also deals with the implementation of activities in the field of economic promotion of the Lubelskie Voivodeship during many national and international economic events.

Resources needed

2 experts for pro-export service and 1 for pro-biz. In the project implementation period 2010-15 it was financed 85% from the ERDF and in 15% from the national budget, in the form of an earmarked subsidy. Now for the years 2016-20, is financed 100% from the budget of the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

Evidence of success

Achieving required number of pro-export services provided to entrepreneurs (not less than 200 information in the period 2016-19, assuming not less than 50 per year) and achieving the required number of pro-biz services provided to foreign investors (not less than 100 information in the period 2016-20, assuming a number not less than 20 per year). All the above were achieved, for example in 2016, 184 information was provided to pro-export entrepreneurs and 25 to foreign investors pro-biz.

Difficulties encountered

- changing legal regulations,
- changes in the structure of investment projects,
- the impact of the centers coincides with the territorial division of the country in contrast to the created economic zones.

Potential for learning or transfer

COIE can be a useful tool for regions, where economy depends on micro and small companies. Such companies, even if they have a good products or services, do not have enough power to expand, especially abroad. Networking is an important factor to overcome those problems. The main precondition for participation in business missions was to present application on behalf of a group of companies. Possibility to take part in fairs stimulated companies to re-define their business strategies and create a cooperation network. Program contains elements raising general competences of entrepreneurs, but also specifically on internationalization. What's more, the initiative is distinguished by a wide range of post-investment support.

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Main institution
Marshal Office of the Lubelskie region
Start Date
September 2010
End Date


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