To have impact among educational institutions, but also involving young people, government and the public by creating an educational material for schools.
This practice was introduced as a reflection for seeking for a new young professionals in water sector by providing the elementary basis in water education.
- How does the practice reach its objectives and how it is implemented?
The practice is clearly connected with RIS3 Strategy of South Moravian Region. By starting with a collaboration with NGO´s, universities, high schools or elementary schools and government we influence also the enterprises by creating a safe environment for growth and education of new young leaders with promoting research and specified information in book for elementary schools about innovation in water management.
- Who are the main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice?
The main stakeholder is the owner of policy South – Moravian region. For purposes of this practice the stakeholders consist also from educational institutes and NGO´s such as LIPKA. The main beneficiaries on the other hand will be research institutes, universities and enterprises from long-term perspective.
Four authors participated in the project - the CTU staff (Czech Technical University in Prague). The textbook is one of 14 other teaching aids.

Resources needed

The costs were calculated for the whole project and totaled about CZK 4 million. This textbook is a key element in the project and cost about CZK 400,000. We want to print it with 2,000 copies, which will cost about 200,000 CZK. Total resources needed is 20 000 eur.

Evidence of success

Czech education does not have a comprehensive view of water. Underground and surface resources, water retention in the landscape, consumption, handling, possibilities of savings. The public is lacking basic knowledge about the water cycle and importance of water. The intention of the textbook is to offer information about water through children. When children learn about water, parents will learn with them.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice we are promoting should become really interesting for other regions in order to provide common and unified conditions for youth in knowledge. It is common truth, that students usually do not receive updated information from their tutors, which makes them confused. By this practice, we are trying to provide a tool that would in this field from long – term perspective change the approach in education and motivate researchers and professionals to stay in region and try to improve it. By starting with collaboration we also expect another proposition and suggestions to create a new projects.
Main institution
South Moravian Regional Government
Jihovýchod, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
December 2018
End Date


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