The “CAPS“ contest is aimed at pupils in grades V-XII and consists of gathering as many PET caps as possible by means of which mosaics are made.
The project included:
• Collection of domestic household waste, commercial waste, industry and public institutions similar to household waste, garden and park waste, market waste and street waste;
• Transport of municipal waste collected at the 4 transfer stations to be built, then at the new waste management center in Malovăţ. Here recyclable waste collected selectively will undergo a new sorting for recovery and recycling.
• Obtaining compost from wet (biodegradable) fractionation at the new Malovăţ station and individually in rural households;
• Removal of residues at the existing landfill in Drobeta Turnu Severin and closure of three existing non-compliant landfills.
Within this project the Mehedinţi County Council carried out a large campaign of information and awareness in the county regarding the waste and environmental protection in general. This campaign will addresed all target audiences, but paid special attention to the young generation, who was involved in a series of creative actions and educational competitions.

Resources needed

- 8300 Euro
- students from the county schools

Evidence of success

The teams collected over 5,000 caps and by creating mosaics in different locations of the competition they managed to raise awareness of the harmful effects of PETs on the environment. At the end of the competition, all the lids / lids were delivered to a recycling bin for processing.

Difficulties encountered

Such public events have the role of providing answers to the questions of the various target audiences, motivating citizens and measuring their responses. It is very important that these events are organized taking into account the specifics and expectations of each target audience: urban environmen

Potential for learning or transfer

The purpose of the contest was to raise public awareness of waste, especially of PETs, including in two important directions that can have the potential to be transferred to other projects or intitiatives:

• PETs can remain hundreds of years in nature if they are thrown at random
• Plastic / PET bottles can be very hard to process for recycling if they are dumped at the maximum volume and with the lid closed
Main institution
Mehedinti County Council
Sud-Vest Oltenia, Romania (România)
Start Date
August 2013
End Date
December 2015


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