Bizkaia Orekan aims to boost competitiveness in Biscay with a perspective of territorial balance, based on multilevel collaboration among PCB and local players
Bizkaia Orekan was born with the aim of promoting a territorialy balance Bizkaia in terms of competitiveness, to address the need to respond to an economically heterogeneous territory in terms of business fabric and competitiveness indicators & the importance of multilevel collaboration with local & regional stakeholders in terms of territorial development strategies. It´s an initiative promoted by the Dept. of Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Biscay (PCB) together with Beaz, a public entity 100% property of that Department.
To put in place it, the territory of Bizkaia was divided in 4 zones: north, west, south and east, that represent over 100 municipalities in Bizkaia, seeking to collaborate with local entities working in competitiveness and business development, that would represent the 100% of Bizkaia.
The first year of the project was dedicated to dissemination, as well as to the identification of local challenges, that could give way to lines of action and specific projects to work on at the operational level. These comprise in each zone representatives of local entities as well as people from Beaz and the PCB. Once the challenges where identified, zones and working groups were constituted and projects were defined, each working group defined a work plan to be deployed .
Since 2016, we have have been working in those projects, addressing local needs and improving top-down and bottom-up collaboration

Resources needed

Since 2016, the PCB has devoted more than 1M€ to promote this initiative.
Over 60 people from 34 local entities, as well as12 from of Beaz and the Dpt. of Economic Development of the PCB have been involved in the process & annualy, more than 100 working meetings take place (to work on the projects)

Evidence of success

Has permitted the establishment of trust (real collaboration) among entities & different levels of administrations, creation of formal contact channels and better knowledge on who is who, and who does what – alignment and effectiveness (led to better allocation of resources and implementation of policies). Outpus: 105 SMEs involved in projects, 11 meetings to share agendas among PCB/Beaz and local entities, >10 training sessions, development of 3 new tools (i.e Gislur), 2 new Public Aid Programs

Difficulties encountered

- How to make more efficient the governance system of such an initiative (where over 70 people from 34 organizations collaborate).
- How to engage SMEs in projects, that are not involved or are unintentionally left out in S3

Potential for learning or transfer

Bizkaia Orekan is an example of multilevel governance and collaboration that has led to tangible results, through the creation and development of new "soft spaces" for experimentation in the definition of policies, new ways of collaboration and doing, etc. The forums created, have contributed to a better alignment among the PCB/Beaz and local entities regarding their activities to promote competitiveness and business fabric support.
Top-down, local entities have better information on policies developed by the PCB and a direct contact with the sub-regional government, while PCB policies have a better arrival on the business fabric through local actors. Bottom-up, PCB has a better knowledge of local reality and specific needs of each municipality which may (and has already) have an impact in the policy making process, as it allows the development of policies according to local specifical & real needs
Main institution
Beaz (DFB)
País Vasco,
Start Date
November 2015
End Date


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