BIC Bizkaia is an incubator managed by Bea-PCB & co-funded by the Basque government specialicsed in bioscience, nanosciences and advance manufacturing
BIC Bizkaia is a Business Incubator Center specialized in advanced technology sectors and high value-added technologies, aligned with Basque RIS3 strategy as it only incubates businesses in the biosciences, nanosciences and advanced manufacturing sectors. It´s a reference center for the incubation and acceleration of new companies and innovation projects, configured as an agglutinating space for agents and activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation, where entrepreneurs get support through custom-tailored services and boost cooperation among all innovation-related agents.
It´s a combination of proper multilevel governance which establishes a network within different regional entities: Beaz/Provincial Council of Biscay (PCB) that is responsible for the management of the incubator, the regional government (Basque Government) which is involved in decision making and participates in the board of Directors& also the scientific park of Bizkaia (where the incubator is located and where much of the businesses locate once they exit the incubator, finding synergies with other neighbor companies). Created in 2015 by the joint collaboration of PCB, Basque Government and the Scientific park of Bizkaia, this incubator is a reflection on how the PCB promotes entrepreneurship & business development at a sub-regional level aligned with the regional RIS3, focusing & prioritizing capabilities & strengths existing in Biscay, enabling territorial cohesion regarding innovation policies

Resources needed

Overall annual budget: 700k€, funded by Basque Government & PCB.
The building is property of the technological park and 2 people from Beaz/PCF are full time dedicated to the management of the incubator.

Evidence of success

Since 2016 the incubator has permitted the successful development of an important number of businesses (20 start-ups, 18M€ in turnover, 340 employees) in strategic sectors for Bizkaia that without such an initiative probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow and consolidate in such a short time. It also has helped to boost entrepreneurship and business consolidation aligned with RIS3 enabling sectors, which contributes to the effective deployment with the regional S3 strategy

Potential for learning or transfer

Thanks to multilevel collaboration amongst regional & subregional governments, BIC Bizkaia offers a friendly environment (physical location & also direct acces to a range of programs and initiatives powered by public institutions) where entrepreneurs & businesses in priority sectors for Bizkaia and also Euskadi can develop and grow. Inside the incubator sort of an ecosystem is created where incubees benefit from the custom-tailored services and support provided by Beaz/PCB and where collaboration and synergies arise from the co-habitation with other related businesses. Besides, the incubator is placed in one of the most business & technological advanced locations in the territory, the scientific park of Biscay, where a wide range of innovation related agents come together: R&D institutions, technological centers, public institutions, leading businesses… Based on capabilities existing in Bizkaia, sub-regional & regional administrations collaborate to specialization aligned with the RIS3
Main institution
Beaz (DFB)
País Vasco,
Start Date
June 2016
End Date


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