Promoting actuations that boost energy saving, improvement of energy efficiency and use of renewal energy on buildings located in Andalusia.
The Sustainable Construction Promotion Program in Andalusia (PICS) gave a boost to sustainable construction and rehabilitation, being an extraordinary and urgent measure to reduce the unemployment rate and the energy bill of households and companies, thanks to investments through incentives in measures of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. This measure follows the objectives of the European Union, who shows the need to reduce the energy consumption on buildings, responsible of the 40% of the energy consumption of the EU.
Main actuations objective for the incentives were:
• Works for energetic adaptation of buildings in order to achieve better thermic behaviour and/or better natural lighting conditions.
• Provisioning energy efficient installations that provide energy saving on the generation, distribution and use of the energy, as well as use of renewal energy.
• Projects, project management, and energy management in case of “Works for Energetic Adaptation of buildings”
• Projects, project management, and energy management in case of “Provisioning energy efficient installations”.
The actuations were carried out by collaborator companies. These companies, after fulfilling some requirements, joined the program though an application.
The main beneficiaries were citizens, property communities, private companies, self-employed workers, associations, foundations and other non-profit bodies. Public entities with contracting authority were excluded.

Resources needed

36,419 actuations were supported with this program, with 242 million euros invested, where 164.51 million euros came from given incentives. The companies collaborating have been 8,247.
20,000 jobs have been created and / or maintained with the implementation of program.

Evidence of success

6,419 actuations, where 74.8% were works to improve energy behaviour in buildings and the remaining 25.2% energy efficient installations. The program achieved the creation and / or maintenance of 20,000 jobs and gained recognition from the European Union through the Regiostars 2015 Awards.
In addition to the generation of jobs, investment made it possible to avoid the emission of 85,964.46 tCO2 / year as well as 36,322.50 tep/year saved or diversified.

Difficulties encountered

The current Order includes the public administration and the rehabilitation of public buildings. The main obstacle is that the public administrations are not attracted to it because the criteria and procedures are still focused on the private field, as it was uniquely inspired by the previous one.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Program for Promoting Sustainable Construction sought greater administrative and procedural simplification, while reinforcing the control instruments, introducing some new developments that allowed the success of the same:
- Greater orientation of incentives towards energy efficiency, leaving a range of possible measures of high energy efficiency.
- Introduction of the figure of the energy manager, an agent that reinforced the commitment to the management of the incentivized goods.
Low minimum investments, allowing a generalization of the public support, with special incidence in the citizenship and in the Andalusian building stock.
- Incentives for new energy efficient facilities in newly opened establishments or properties, promoting their use in new buildings or commercial uses.

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Main institution
Andalusian Energy Agency
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date
December 2015


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