Development of new knowledge and skills during the project for young people, women and families at risk and in difficult situations.
Project’s objective was the development of new knowledge and skills during the project for 40 young people leaving the institutionalized child protection system, 250 women at risk, 110 families with more than 2 children, 100 single-parent families, 280 Romma ethnics and development during the project of 14 social economy structures to provide employment services in the North-West and Bucharest-Ilfov regions
Activities of the project:
A1: To provide adequate measures for occupational inclusion of people in the target group.
700 vulnerable persons were identified as target group, relevant to the employment and identification of how to develop the concept of social economy and social responsibility at the level of social policies in local government.
A2. Providing guidance services and job mediation.
A3. Develop and deliver training programs for 400 people in the target group.
Vocational training courses:
16 qualification courses,
3 entrepreneurial skills courses.
A4. Establishment and functioning of 14 social economy structures in the North-West and Bucharest-Ilfov regions.
The activities of these structures:
accommodation services for low-budget tourists and for young people, aged over 18 who leaved family-type homes,
adult care services,
dry cleaning, car wash,
tailoring and embroidery center,
manufacture of handicraft products,
day care services for children,
marketing of traditional products.
A5. Project management
A6. Information and publicity

Resources needed

The project was financed by POR 2007-2013.
The total eligible value is estimated at 9.592.176,00 lei and 27 experts were involved in the implementation.

Evidence of success

14 social economy structures established, 700 people benefiting from guidance / counseling, 400 participants in social economy training-certified,
55 jobs created by social economy structures, 7 communication and promotion events in social economy achieved, information and publicity materials to support project activities realized, 1 webpage of the project realized.

Difficulties encountered

Legislation in Romania was not harmonized at that time and there is no social economy law to regulate the establishment of social economy structures.
The emergence of new instructions from the Managing Authority that have made significant changes during the course of the project.

Potential for learning or transfer

“Social economy – Social responsibility from North to South” is a project that supports vulnerable people through counseling for vocational guidance to increase employment opportunities, training, and getting in touch with employers. Also, the social economy structures created provide jobs for some of these people and through their diverse field of activity provide accommodation, independent living skills development, school and professional guidance, support activities and psychological counseling for young people aged over 18 who leave family-type homes, accommodation services for tourists with a low budget, adult care services, day care for children. The activities of this project can be transferred to other regions or even countries, as there are many people at risk, who, with some support, manage to live a quiet and good life.
Main institution
Maramureş County Council, General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Maramures, Professional Non-Governmental Social Assistance Association- ASSOC, Association for Research and Training Center of North University of Baia Mare
Nord-Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
October 2014
End Date
December 2015


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