Peer review

How does a peer review work? 

Peers from a selected number of regions are invited to examine the specific territorial and thematic context and make recommendations based on their experience and expertise. In general, this happens during an onsite visit that lasts two days, but since March 2020 the format was adapted to online as well. The meeting(s) consist of analysing the regional situation among peers, discussing approaches, solutions and recommendations, drafting a 'to-do list' for follow-up action and receiving immediate feedback. Apply for a peer review.

Being driven by the spirit of interregional learning, the peer reviews require an overall readiness to share, reflect and improve among all parties involved. Preparation is required on all sides to ensure the selected peers are well matched to the needs of the host region. In addition, you can be a host receiving advice on one occasion and provide your expertise as a peer the next time around. This is a true win-win exchange!

How do I apply to host a peer review? 

The call is open permanently. Applicants can submit their application at any time and are assessed on a rolling basis. You can consult the terms of reference and if you have questions about this service, get in touch with Elena Ferrario, Thematic Manager of the Policy Learning Platform. Download the working template for the preparatory works of your application. The actual application will need to be filled-in and submitted through the online form below.

How are peers identified? 

Based on the request of the host region, the Platform experts will contact regions across Europe with the relevant thematic expertise to identify and invite relevant peers, including partner organisations from Interreg Europe projects. It is envisaged that a targeted call of interest will be held to identify the most relevant peers for the submitted requests.


Peer reviews may only be submitted by community members that work for a public authority or managing authority. Please login here or register to view the form.

Peer reviews - available also online!

As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, our peer review service has evolved and it is now available also online.

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