Policy learning platform

Policy Learning Platforms are a new feature to Interreg Europe to open up the programme’s knowledge for the benefit of all the project partners and the whole community of regional policy stakeholders. There is one policy learning platform per policy area covered by Interreg Europe:

  1. Research and innovation
  2. SME competitiveness
  3. Low-carbon economy
  4. Environment and resource efficiency

The platforms are a hub of information and services for continuous learning where any organisation dealing with regional development policies in Europe can find inspiration and solutions to improve the way they design and implement their public policies in these four areas. Within each thematic platform, you can find people, projects, events and information related to your topic of interest. 

Each platform features:

  • Knowledge and Education Centre for relevant policy recommendations, thematic studies, reports, evaluations, EU policy news, databases of good practices etc.
  • Networking and partnering opportunities including organisation of relevant activities and events, database of practitioners and owners of good practices etc.
  • Expert policy helpdesk upon request for targeted advice and guidance to improve public policies design and implementation.
  • Expert support for policy change upon request including peer reviews, benchmarking exercises, thematic workshops, capacity building events, learning activities etc.

The platforms serve both the project partners and the whole community of regional policy stakeholders to meet and learn from each other. Other institutional stakeholders whose policy mandates are relevant for the topics addressed by the platforms e.g. the European Commission, the Committee of Regions, the European Environment Agency, the OECD, and other EU programmes, may also use the platforms.  

The platforms expert services will be available in the first semester of 2017. Until then join the Interreg Europe online community and tell us which theme you’re interested in!