On June 10, 2021, the third regional stakeholder meeting took place in Latvia. The central topic of the meeting was microplastics in aquatic environments. During the meeting, recent data on the microplastics amounts in Latvian waters and beaches was presented. Several solutions for reducing and eliminating microplastics pollution were mentioned by the speakers.


Among the speakers were researchers, environmental NGO representatives, entrepreneurs, and even a waste water treatment plant manager, from Latvia and Germany. Solutions discussed ranged from restricting the availability of products that emit microplastics to implementing technological solutions for water filtration from microplastics before they enter the natural environment. Educating the society on the topic was seen as an important action to take, as the awareness of the microplastics problem was seen to be quite low at the moment.


It was great to see that the meeting was well attended and participants expressed interest in continuing the discussion about the topics that PLASTECO is dealing with.