OSS entering the second phase

What is planned for the second phase in our project?

Since the beginning of our project, we have had interregional partner meetings on various topics: digitalization, mentorship, governance, financial tools and now on incubators. What we could not foresee when writing the application, is that all of these themes would become extremely important in times of the covid-pandemia. Moreover, the session on incubators more or less points out once more all the previous themes addressed.

During the meeting we shared good practices: on the first day, 8 June, we were presented good practices from the organizing country Poland and on the second day, 9 June, the partners in our consortium presented their own good practices. This made for a fairly complete overall impression of what ‘incubators’ stand for.

At the beginning, our Lead Partner - Malene Aaram Vike - introduced our audience with the ongoing activities regarding the Project's implementation.