OSS Covid online meeting

What are the most important measures to fight the Covid crisis in our regions?

As you remember, on 23 March 2021, we run a special meeting that was focused on measures to fight the bad influence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, we are still fighting the pandemic, and we all hope that we'll be able to fight it effectively very soon. 

Of course, pandemic also has some influence on the entrepreneurship. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is a serious shock to the economy. Its financial effects were felt by both people and companies from all sectors. European Union Member States have long introduced various types of budgetary measures to support liquidity and other national policy measures to increase national health systems' capacity and help citizens and sectors particularly affected by the pandemic. 

In the current pandemic period, it is very important to protect the hardest-hit sectors and available assets, technology and infrastructure, and, even more importantly, jobs and workers. The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis varies across sectors and businesses and depends on several factors. For example, the tourism sector has been hit hard by restrictions on movement and travel introduced in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

That's why, we have organized our Covid meeting, to present some problems that the economy in our regions is facing nowadays. The first presenter in our meeting was our Advisory Partner, who gave us a clear view of the situation in or regions. Watch these presentations below:

                   Looking back on a year of COVID