Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) in Europe, the team have decided to cancel the interregional partner live meeting in Budapest, Hungary. The meeting was held via Skype instead.
The virtual meeting was attended by 15 expert colleagues from the partner countries.

Even though the partners were hundreds of kilometers from each other, the professional meeting was held in a good mood, with unbroken commitment.

One of the key milestones of the Interreg Europe project is to conduct a situation analysis on waste management. Part of the analysis is to fill out a carefully composed questionnaire with organizations specialized in waste management.

The questionnaire contains professional questions about the waste management system, which
asked about the present system, its advantages and disadvantages, and what further areas for
improvement the respondent sees in waste management.

The event, even thought, it was virtually held, was rich in discussions and proved as effective as having a personal meeting. The next meeting is expected in June, and also likely to be held online due to the crisis caused by the corona virus.
The international meeting organized within the framework of the Interreg Europe project was
successful, the online arena did not hinder the joint work.