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The life-cycle impacts of wind energy


Short review of an analysis on the life-cycle impacts of wind energy whose...

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Life Cycle Catalyst #3 now out!


The third issue of LCA4regions newsletter, the Life Cycle Catalyst, has just...

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Meeting our local stakeholders


LCA4Regions partners met with their local stakeholders to get inputs on their...

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Case studies from the 3rd TLJ


For the third TLJ, study visits took the shape of case studies.

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Lessons learnt from our 3rd TLJ


What did we learn from our third TLJ?

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Review of good practices on waste and material flows


A review of the 19 Good Practices presented during the third TLJ.

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Life cycle toolbox: the expert's eye (episode 3)


LCA4Regions expert Fritz Balkau gives us some tips on how to give life to LCA.

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Discover LCA4Regions video in 7 more languages!


Our invitation to the LCA4Regions journey is now available in more languages.

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Fancy knowing the sustainability of what you eat?


Calculate your environmental footprint with ComidAprueba App

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Carbon Footprint in public buildings


Government of Navarra is taking measures to fight against climate change

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Sustainable batteries for a circular economy


Batteries placed on the EU market should become sustainable.

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LCA4Regions Stakeholder Event in Lodzkie Region


Ecodesign - as a key factor in the life cycle analysis and environmental...

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