The Project partners just had a very intense and informative online Thematic Study Visit in Klaipeda, Lithuania at the 19th of November. It was the second time for such an activity during the project period and all the partners were very involving in Klaipeda region case.

The main theme was SMEs’ capacities for internationalisation and Governance models and support schemes for SME internationalisation and the online meeting moderator provided the smooth steps through the topic.

Firstly, all the partners were welcomed by meeting hosts Klaipeda city municipality and Klaipeda ID team members. Also, a brief greeting from lead partner (Hungary) was said.

Although the Project partners did not had the opportunity to visit Klaipeda team face to face, the online visit represented the virtual good practices. The virtual trip included 4 SME`s companies tour with a deep internationalisation sight. These are the representative companies from the region:

-UAB “Curtains Calculator”:

- UAB “Whatagraph”:

- UAB “Interactio”:

- UAB “Cebeco Grupė”:

More over, three ambassadors from these companies were participating in the meeting and involved into comprehensive workshop with the moderator. Also the representative from one of the supporting business-promoting agency in Lithuania "Enterprise Lithuania" shared some great insights. The workshop was dedicated to discuss the available tools to promote internationalisation and to analyze the participating SME`s situation. The workshop included interesting aspect caused by COVID crisis ant also.

After all, it was a time for debate. All the project partners were asked to compare the situation in their regions, share the measurements that could be useful or related to discussed tools and internationalization programs. The Thematic Study Visit moderator made inspiring conclusions exposing the importance of cooperation, networking and communication.