The GRESS partnership held an Action Plan development workshop focusing on West Pomerania. 

On February 17th, the West Pomerania Region hosted the fourth of five trans-regional workshops on Action Plans. 

In the first part of the presentation, the representative of the Region, Marta Ciesielska, presented the mission and development priorities of the blue and green economy, as well as four strategic documents that will enable implementation: Regional Development Strategy of the West Pomerania Region until 2030, the Regional Operational Program for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014 - 2020, Economic Programme, and the Westpomeranian Regional Development Strategy for Smart Specialization.

The most crucial issue to tackle by the West Pomeranian region is to: 

  • stimulate new ideas and support the creation of startups, especially by young people, what is related to shaping entrepreneurial competencies at all levels of education;
  • develop pro-ecological attitudes and knowledge in the field of sustainable, low-emission, green economy;
  • create an information and communication platform, facilitate the acquisition of necessary expertise, promote green initiatives, and establish business contacts.

In the second part of the meeting, eight potential activities for the Action Plan to develop the West Pomerania Region's green economy were presented and discussed with the project partners.