Project good practices

THEIA - Technological and Holistic Engagement for Industry 4.0...

Summary: THEIA is a digital self-diagnostic maturity model that supports the strategic planning of business transformation and identifying critical areas.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Industry 4.0 Vouchers to promote SMEs digital transformation

Summary: Industry 4.0 Voucher is a policy instrument to promote digital transformation in SMEs through the adoption of technologies and business models adaptation.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Central Public Procurement of Intermunicipal Community Medio Tejo...

Summary: CC-CIMT consists of a strategic project in the context of Local Administrative Modernisation, which aims at centralise the procurement of public works.

Location: Centro (PT), Portugal

Innovation Campus Lemgo

Summary: Innovation Campus Lemgo creates an ecosystem for innovations along the digital transformation based on cooperation business, science, society and administration

Location: Detmold, Germany (Deutschland)

E-Export via online marketplaces

Summary: The practice goals are to provide competences and a virtual CMS platform enabling companies to utilize online marketplaces (E-export).

Location: Hovedstaden, Denmark (Danmark)

Coventry & Warwickshire Innovation Test Bed

Summary: To support SMEs to develop and test new products, services and digital technologies. Tackling inertia and funding real innovation.

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

BrandLab workshops

Summary: BrandLab workshops is a program for creating brand for products shifting from outsource manufacturing to higher value-added manufacturing.

Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)

Fostering and Developing Innovative Networks (InoLink)

Summary: InoLink is strengthening clusters by developing strategy, competence, fostering innovation initiatives and integration into international value chains.

Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs' E-Export Program

Summary: Establishing international e-commerce advisory centres in connection with the Trade Council in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote E-Export.

Location: Hovedstaden, Denmark (Danmark)

Training programme for transfer mediators to promote innovation

Summary: New approach to innovation promotion: Training programme for transfer mediators with a focus on competence development and further training offers

Location: Detmold, Germany (Deutschland)

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