Recording of the online event


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1.0 (30.26 min.) Start live web streaming.

1.1 (8.24 min.) Context and objectives of the second interregional cooperation forum 'Europe, let's cooperate!' Interview with Erwin Siweris, Director of the Interreg Europe programme.

1.2 (13.59 min.) Why apply for the Interreg Europe programme? Interview with Steve Samson (Trade Development Manager, Kent County Council, UK) about his approved project: 'SME Internalisation Exchange (SIE)'

2.1 (14.28 min.) Plenary session. Welcome by the stage moderator Katrina Sichel!

2.2 (34.32 min.)  Plenary on Interregional cooperation and EU priorities. Welcome words from the European Commission, Dutch authorities and the Interreg Europe programme, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with the audience.

2.3 (48.17 min.) Panorama on Interregional cooperation - informative session about the programme, its projects and policy learning platforms

3.1 (29.17 min) Interview with Federico Sgarbi (EU project manager, Bretagne Development Innovation, France) and Jane Ribergaard Holm (CESME project, Head of Development, Business Development Centre North Denmark) about their experience preparing project application and project plans. Interreg Europe Project & Finance Officers answer to online participants' questions.

3.2 (7.22 min) Interview with Magdalini Anagnostou (Policy learning platforms coordinator, Interreg Europe) about the 4 thematic platforms.

3.3 (5.15 min) Chat with Nicolas Singer (Head of Unit projects and platforms, Interreg Europe) about the assistance to applicants and 'feedback on your project idea' 

4.1  (31.26 min.) How to get involved? (part 1) - informative session about the specifics of the second call for proposals and policy learning platforms. 

4.2  (27.16 min) How to get involved? (part 2) - interactive session, lots of room for questions and answers.

5.1 (20.28 min) After show

5.2 (8.24 min) Interview with Nuala Morgan (Communication and National Contact Point Coordinator, Interreg Europe) on new online tools the programme is offering to support applicants.

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