Athens has began to change the image of the centre of the city. The area of the Plaka, along with other parts of the inner city, will be transformed into a 6.8 km-long pedestrian zone. The objective is to create one of the most enchanting and impressive walking areas in a European capital in order to attract tourists and locals alike. In addition, bicycle lanes are going to be created. 

The project, called the “Great Walk of Athens”, is also a response to the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. By converting areas that were previously open to traffic to pedestrian space, the city is allocating more space to pedestrians -and cyclists-, thus facilitating social distancing.  

Moreover, private conventional cars will be under traffic restrictions at specific areas and roads in the city center. Electric Vehicles are exempted from such restrictions and have free access in Athens and the Great Walk project. 

The “Great Walk of Athens” is planned to be finished by 2022. The project is based on detailed studies that have been undertaken by the National Technical University of Athens, which analysed the effects of the planned changes.