The Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism of the Azorean Government revealed that new financial incentives for the acquisition of electric vehicles in the Azores would be available from the 6th of March 2020, within a total budget of 500.000 euros. 

"Today,  the Governmental Resolution was published, fixing the incentives for the acquisition of new electric vehicles for this year including cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as the acquisition of charging stations for these vehicles", highlighted the Secretary during the presentation of the incentives in Ponta Delgada.

  • In the case of cars, the incentive represents 10%, up to a maximum of 3000€ for individuals and 2000€ for legal persons.
  • Regarding motorcycles, the incentive represents 20%, up to a maximum of 400€.
  • For electric bicycles the incentive is fixed at 250€.
  • Charging stations are reimbursed at 50%, up to 500€.

The Secretary also referred that there are bonuses "for those having a time-differentiated electricity tariff, promoting the charging of electric vehicles during off-peak periods, usually during the night, when the electricity cost is lower", but also for those "living in an island part of UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves" and for those "presenting an end-of-life certificate for an internal combustion vehicle". These regional incentives can be accumulated with the national ones.

"We expect to strongly surpass these numbers given our commitment to sustainable mobility through the adoption of new public policies adapted to the challenges of today, providing the necessary conditions for the Azoreans to opt for sustainable mobility, in every one of our 9 islands".


The applications for all vehicles bought since January 1st 2020 can be submitted through the Azorean Government Energy Portal - - which, according to the member of the Government, has been redesigned "with special consideration for the communication with the citizen, optimizing the services provided by the Azorean Directorate for Energy through easily accessible information and transparency, so that all may intuitively access the existing strategic documents and information available".

The Secretary also referred that "in 2019, about 90 new electric vehicles were sold in the Azores, more than in the previous two years, bringing the total number of those vehicles in the region over 200". 

The Secretary indicated that the "network of public charging stations, which brings security and comfort to the users of electric vehicles" as well as the incentives today presented will make it possible "to overcome our targets, accomplishing the objectives set in the Azores Plan for Electric Mobility".