The Policy Learning Platform (PLP) offers learning opportunities for policy-makers through provision of (1) expert support, (2) a European network of policy-makers for peer learning, (3) knowledge hub of trends, analysis and webinars, and (4) good practices database.

Six of our good practices are now listed on the PLP, and accessible to policy-makers interested in entrepreneurial and cultural promotion:

Submitted good practices are reviewed by the thematic experts, and exemplary cases are selected for the PLP.

Blokhuispoort holds “high learning potential because there are communities around the world that have unique buildings that could be repurposed in a similar fashion; adding a community gathering point for residents and creating an exciting work environment for local businesses”.

TraCEs - CulTour Is Capital is “an exemplary project which illustrates how municipal governments can facilitate innovation and development for SMEs in their region”.

RInovatoRI has “the well thought out structure of a programme that intends to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among kids”.


To see the expert opinions on our good practices, log in to the Interreg Europe website.

Photo credit: Burst from Pexels