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CCI Proof “Founded in Friesland”


Although very well-developed, the entrepreneur ecosystem in Leeuwarden and...

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Co-creation phase during COVID-19: Reflections


We are proud of being able to continue our project in all the 5 partner regions...

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Rijeka: entrepreneurship & culture programs for kids


Rijeka’s efforts in cultivating a love for entrepreneurship, art and culture in...

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Rijeka: Opening of the Children's House


In the new cultural art-quarter located in the former factory complex Rikard...

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Our Good Practices are listed on the PLP database


Six out of nines of our Good Practices are now listed on the PLP, and accessible...

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Rijeka 2020: Legacy and Lessons


Before COVID-19, the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) title has been the...

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Scouting for synergies between Interreg projects


On March 12, West Regional Development Agency's experts met with our partner at...

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Ensuring stakeholder engagement in Timisoara


How do you keep stakeholders engaged throughout the project? A challenge even in...

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Rijeka 2020: the last few months


In these last month of Rijeka 2020, what are the final activities of their ECoC...

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Pandemic-proof the Cultural and Tourism Sectors


The COVID-19 pandemic hit hard on world economy but there are two sectors which,...

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Facilitating interregional exchange during COVID-19


As COVID-19 came at the beginning of our second semester, all interregional –...

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Creative Doctors: Feedback from Kaunas


Last month, at our Project Workshop (PW4.3), ECoC-SME project got together to...

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