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Timisoara 2021 officially becomes Timisoara 2023


The European Parliament agreed on the European Commission's proposal to postpone...

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Inspiration, from one Cultural Capital to the next


Two employees of the Saimaa Phenomenon 2026 (ECoC candidate of Finland for the...

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Thinking forward, CCI in a non-pandemic world


The second part of Timisoara’ fourth Local Learning Lab envisioned a creative...

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Timisoara: COVID-19 Impacts on CCI


Cultural and creative sector in Timisoara and its region, impacts of COVID-19,...

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In the news: Timisoara’s third Local Learning Lab


Timisoara’s third Local Learning Lab (LLL) brought the very essence of the...

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Rijeka: Joining forces for Post-COVID Recovery


Rijeka’s third Local Learning Labs (LLL) were held in May and July, when the...

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In the news: ECoC-SME in Rijeka


An article on MOJARIJEKA shreds some light into the potential of ECoC for the...

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CCI after the first wave: Croatia


The Croatian government announced new economic measures to alleviate the impact...

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JRC published report on European CCI in COVID-19


The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission published a report on the...

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Kaunas: a sustainable model of community integration


Kaunas’ second Local Learning Lab (LLL) concluded with a draft model of...

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Romania launched National Plan for economic recovery


Romania has launched the National Plan for Investments and Economic Recovery to...

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Pandemic resilience as a criterion for ECoC 2026


On 24th June, the panel for the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 2026...

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