How to move in Venlo and the surrounding villages?

This question was at the heart of a mobility survey the municipality of Venlo had organised in December 2020, and of which we finally have the results.

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How many cars does your household have?

Venlo residents were asked how many cars they own - it turns out that households outside the city have more cars than those in the city. Indeed, most residents in the city have one car per household.

Where do you park your car(s)?

The municipality of Venlo offers plentiful of street and indoor parking - especially in the city center. The further away from the center residents live, however, the more they tend to park in their own driveways - also because more people get to have their own driveway.

Do you ever experience parking problems?

In most areas of the municipality, approximately half of the residents experience parking nuisance. The percentage significantly increases closer to the center.

What do you think could reduce the parking problem on your street?

The main answer was "enforcement". Outside of enforcement, residents highlighted that there should also be more available parking spaces.

Which of the following means of transport do you use on a weekly basis?

On the left we can see a representation of the means of transport used weekly by the inhabitants of municipality of Venlo. The distribution is roughly the same per area.

What mode of transportation do you usually use when you leave home for work?

In general, the car is the most frequently used mean of transport for commuting to work. Cycling scores high, too.

What mode of transportation do you usually use when you leave home for school?

For going to school, walking is the main choice. Again, cycling is still a popular choice. Outside the center, the car is also sometimes used.

What mode of transportation do you usually use when you leave home for daily shopping?

Residents mostly drive their cars for daily errands. However, many cycle for this purpose, too. What is noticeable is that in the city center, walking seems the most popular option.

Do you have an electric car?

Currently, there are few electric cars in the municipality. However, there is a growing willingness to purchase one in the next 5 years. That being said, the majority of the inhabitants have no plans to buy an electric car in the foreseeable future.

What could the municipality do to make you cycle (even) more often?

As you can see, there are many different things the municipality can do to encourage cycling. Improving the bicycle paths, for instance, seems quite important. In addition, more bicycle lanes should be created.