During its first Plenary Stakeholder Meeting, the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), with the cooperation of the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia and the Institute for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Networks of Center for Research and Technology Hellas, has liaised with IR-E project PE4Trans.

PE4Trans addresses the improvement of public transport policies by including citizens to the processes of design and implementation of sustainable transport strategies and plans. The aim of the project is to change peoples’ mobility habits and routines by incorporating findings of behavioural sciences. 

PE4Trans shares its engagement strategies

PE4Trans's representatives from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki joined the meeting and shared their experience in engagement strategies for sustainable mobility, focusing in particular on the targeting of specific groups of citizens (teenagers, people with difficulties and disabilities, as well as busy professionals).

In relation to its experience in citizens' engagement, PE4Trans has established a Greek Citizens’ Panel for sustainable mobility and further joint actions will be explored between the two projects.