What makes it attractive for you to shape your local mobility?

Within the project e-smartec, an online survey was launched, in order to find out how the participating citizens of the Federal State of Hesse in Germany inform themselves about mobility offers.

The anonymous survey took place in a two-week time frame in December. The participants were asked if they could imagine getting more involved in the design and planning processes for a sustainable mobility offer in their city or region. Besides this, the aim of the survey was to find out how different stakeholders can be more involved in participation processes.

The survey dealt among others with the following three questions:

  1. Which channels and measures can be used to reach citizens?
  2. Which participation methods and formats are appealing to citizens?
  3. How do these methods and formats need to be designed/structured in order to get citizens more involved?

The State of Hesse aims to reach different target groups for mobility issues -  for this reason, it was important to include those who have special challenges with mobility in the survey, too, as well as those who work for social institutions, such as old people's homes, youth institutions, or institutions for the disabled. This approach allowed Hessen to take into account many different needs for developing future citizen event formats. 

For the purpose of getting a high response rate, the State of Hesse has taken extensive measures. For instance, posts were shared on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

In the meantime, there were posts and notices on the CC-SUM website, as well as on  partners‘ websites. All municipalities in Hessen were contacted. Many of them made posts on their Facebook accounts and linked the questionnaire to the city's homepage.

In total, over 800 people showed interest in the survey, and completed it fully or partially. Their statements provided input for the development of concrete measures to increase the participation of citizens in mobility planning processes in the State of Hesse.

If you are interested in the survey, please follow the link or read it below: