How to move in Venlo and the surrounding villages?

The question is at the heart of a mobility survey by the municipality of Venlo.

Gaining information from this survey, the municipality can make good choices for its future in the field of mobility.

New parking policy

Next year the municipality of Venlo will draw up a new parking policy. The policy will focus on parking in the city centre, even though the plan involves parking in the villages, residential areas and in the village centres, too. For the parking policy, the municipality wants to know what are the biggest annoyances, but also the objectives in the field of parking and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A new Bicycle Plan

In the new Bicycle Plan, the municipality of Venlo makes clear choices about where to invest for cycling in the coming years. The aim of this is to make the city and villages more accessible, as well as to allow citizens to exercise more and reduce CO2 emissions. For the Bicycle Plan, the municipality would like to know how citizens cycle, the bottlenecks they encounter and the connections that should be improved.

The survey

Would you like to take part in the survey?

Click HERE and fill in before December 12, 2020. The survey is in Dutch.