The Giunta starts the convention for a Basin of the Area of the Strait

Path shared with Sicilian Region. It is expected to develop a unitary transport offer.

The Regional Council of Calabria has formalized the start of the Basin of the Strait Area, in synergy with the Sicily Region, for the maritime and air territorial continuity. The executive has taken note of the recent resolution of the Committee of address and coordination of the Integrated Area of the Strait, which approved the determinations and indications for the establishment of the governing body of the territorial basin of the Integrated Area of the Strait. The resolution is a phase of the implementation of the provisions of the law that provide for the possibility of establishing a basin for the Integrated Area of the Strait. The idea is to develop in this way a unitary transport offer with a single planning and a single tariff system, in order to set the conditions for an integrated mobility system, with urban characteristics, between the two metropolitan cities of the Strait.

The agreement reached provides for the signing of an agreement between all the bodies involved. On the planning of local services, territorial assemblies presided over by metropolitan mayors, in which all the municipalities involved in the agreement take part, express their opinion. Provision has also been made for the possible setting up of an agency to handle the assignment and execution of service contracts and the management of networks, plants and other assets.