Norway: Electric air route between Stavanger and Bergen in 2026

Rolls-Royce and the Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam presented earlier this year an electric aircraft that will be ready to be put into commercial operation in 2026. The aircraft will be able to carry nine passengers and The Norwegian airline Widerøe will be the first customer.

Rolls-Royce has put 70 engineers on the task of developing a zero-emission aircraft and has moved the business to Norway. This is among technologists considered the foremost cutting-edge expertise in the world right now, but the competition is fierce. Around 200 companies around the world are working hard towards the same goal: An electric aircraft in commercial scheduled traffic. Electric aircraft manufacturers already use the Stavanger-Bergen route in their simulators, because the route is ideal for the type of aircraft that is now being developed.

The flight time between Bergen and Stavanger will be 30-40 minutes. Internal combustion engines in propulsion systems use only 25 percent of the energy, the rest is blown out as exhaust and heat. Electric motors utilize 75 percent. The requirement for the electric aircraft is that it must have the capacity to fly to an alternative airport, and be able to circle over Bergen or Stavanger for half an hour.

- What we work on now is fuel. Should we use hydrogen, drive the engine electrically, or a hybrid, says Sigurd Øvrebø, CEO of Rolls-Royce Electrical Norway.

A national news and knowledge site about emission-free aviation has also been launched: