The plans of the federal government to implement the energy policy goals to decarbonise the energy system present the Austrian network operators with massive challenges. Additional demands on the networks, in particular from the expected expansion of the decentralized PV generation systems and the increasing penetration of electromobility, will probably require significant investments in the networks in the coming years.

The project group Network Calculations Austria of the AK Distribution Networks, with the participation of network operators from all federal states and also all major cities in Austria, developed a calculation concept from June 2019, which in three scenarios (10% and 30% market penetration with e-mobility, as well as growth in PV in the factor * 8 compared to the status at the beginning of 2020) determines which expansion measures will be required by the individual network operators. These calculations formed the basis for estimating any need for expansion in the APG transmission network.

From the results of the study, from a number of other recommendations, four possible courses of action, in particular, can be derived for a moderate limitation of the additional costs.  

  1. Introduction of a noticeable service price component in the network tariffs in order to encourage moderate use of the valuable network reserves. 
  2.  Legally compliant use of data from intelligent measuring devices (smart meters).
  3. Limitation of the feed-in from PV systems to 70% of the kilowatt peak output, similar to Germany.
  4. Temporary limitation of the maximum charging capacity of e-vehicles in line with the ripple control and time switches that have been tried and tested for decades

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Source: oesterreichsenergie