ERNACT, DIGITAL REGIONS lead partner, has organised a successful meeting today with the regional stakeholders group in the North West of Ireland. Apart from ERNACT, representatives from Enterprise Ireland, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Sligo IT, W8 Centre Leitrim, LEO Sligo, Wisar and Deferno have exchanged their views on Industry 4.0 possibilities and challenges in the region.

"It has been a very positive meeting and great collaboration happening on bringing Industry 4.0 to manufacturing businesses in the Border Midlands West region and cross-border", says Margaret Quinn, ERNACT programme manager and DIGITAL REGIONS project leader. The meeting highlighted the major role to be played by the Industry 4.0 initiatives in the region which are soon to be funded via the Border Fund of Enterprise Ireland. It was also noted that there are programmes available in the region to support SMEs with the funding and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies.

However, even though there are an array of supports available, a recent survey indicates that many companies are not aware of these (offered by Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices, DBEI...). Here are just some of the available supports: