Interreg Europe programme has organised a series of seminars for the lead partners of the 4th call, DIGITAL REGIONS between them. ERNACT, on behalf of the interregional partnership, has attended this event on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January 2020 in Budapest (Hungary), to find out more about finance, activity and results reporting and communication and dissemination requirements. In total, 130 partners from 74 approved projects have gathered together in the Hungarian city.

The first day Marion Boyce, Administrative Officer at ERNACT and DIGITAL REGIONS project, attended the Finance seminar: "we have reviewed information and updates on financial reporting and control procedures and requirements related to the management of Interreg Europe projects. For example, the legal framework, eligibility and expenditure and public procurement rules". This seminar on finance reporting was targeted at lead partner finance managers and lead partner’s first level controllers of Interreg Europe projects from the fourth call. "We also had the opportunity to discuss finance-related matters with the Joint Secretariat, other finance managers and first level controllers", adds Marion.  

During the second day, attendees could learn more about how to report project activities and results. The Secretariat focused on activity reporting, including both theory and practice. "In addition to learning about the expectations and requirements related to reporting of project activities, good practices and results, we also got useful tips and practical advice for timely reporting and quick payment from other experienced lead partners", continues ERNACT's Administrative Officer. Attendees could learn more about good practices submission and validation process and programme's expectations.  

The third and last day, lead partners and communication officers could find out more about communication and dissemination measures. "Interreg Europe has provided us further guidance on publicity requirements, as well as some tips for making project communication activities as effective and attractive as possible", mentions Ianire Renobales, Digital Communication Officer at ERNACT and DIGITAL REGIONS project. Attendees worked on developing project pitch, media relations, and online presence through practical exercises and interactive discussions about how to tell stories and how to work with media. "The Secretariat brought two communication experts from Denmark, Marie-Louise Arnfast and Michael Kirkeby, to explain to us how can we make our interreg projects more visible to a wider general public", continues Ianire. During the afternoon, all attendees could participate in a World Café to discuss the topics suggested by the participants: project websites, social media platforms, how to engage with partners, digital tools for communication purposes and GDPR requirements, among others. 

ERNACT will now share the knowledge and expertise obtained with the DIGITAL REGIONS project partners during the next digital and face to face meetings.

Stay tuned, the next one it's going to take place in March, in Switzerland!