Project News

Switzerland: exploiting digital innovation 8/8


Canton of Bern represents one of the most important industrial cantons in...

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Cantabria: new models of industrialisation 7/8


The Government of Cantabria in Spain shares expertise on the manufacturing...

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Bavaria: bringing in Industry 4.0 expertise 6/8


DIGITAL REGIONS is one of the first Interreg Europe projects approved in...

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Portugal: experience in open innovation 5/8


Portuguese partners from CIEBI/BIC business and Innovation centre explain why...

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Romania: consolidating smart specialisation 4/8


West Regional Development Agency would like to explore the Factory of the Future...

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Bulgaria: ready to learn from European expertise 3/8


DIGITAL REGIONS partner Business Agency Association will bring its experience in...

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University of Ljubljana: experts in research 2/8


Slovenian partners aim to improve their policy instrument to cope with the...

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ERNACT coordinates regions digital transformation1/8


ERNACT will lead project management and coordinate Action Plans monitoring...

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Slovenian partners launch new 4PDIH!


The new Digital Innovation Hub is focused on innovation (social and...

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And so, the story began...


Digital Regions project starts shaping innovation policies for a better industry...

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Work in our project from Germany!


Digital Regions team in Hof (Germany) is looking for a network manager, an...

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