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Castilla La Mancha virtual tour


Castilla La Mancha organized the 6th web meeting of Dialog project to present...

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Vratsa web meeting


The bulgarian partner Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vratsa, organized the...

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Virtual meeting tour of Hannover


The Lower Saxon Ministry for Federal and European Affairs and Regional...

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The Flanders region organized the third web meeting


Here you can read the article regarding the third web meeting of Dialog project

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Canton Ticino - Virtual study Tour


Canton Ticino organized the second web meeting of the Interreg Dialog project...

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First peer review web meeting


Trentino's case studies presented during the first peer review web meeting...

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How COVID-19 is affecting DIALOG project.


On february 2020 is started the second semester of the project Interreg Dialog...

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Third stakeholders meeting in Trento


The third meeting in Trento with the local stakeholders has identified the case...

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First stakeholder meeting of Ticino Canton


Swiss partners of Dialog present the project to the local stakeholders compose...

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1st stakeholders meeting of Vratsa


First stakeholders meeting of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, Bulgaria

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2nd local stakeholders meeting in Trento


Trento organized the second local stakeholders meeting to discuss the case of...

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First stakeholder meeting of Castilla la Mancha.


Castilla La Mancha identified the local stakeholder in the Council of the...

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