The 6th RSG meeting took place in a digital form using the Google Meet platform, on the 10th of May 2021. This meeting was focused on the discussion about the development of the PES scheme as foreseen in the Action Plan in Action 2. Stakeholders involved in tourism activities in Po Delta Park such as tourist operators were invited to participate. There were 11 participants present: 2 representatives of ART-ER; 2 representatives from the University of Ferrara as a technical external assistance of the partner ART-ER, 2 representatives of Po Delta Park, and 5 representatives of local stakeholders.  The main topics of the meeting were the presentation of tourism activities mapping, aimed to collect missing information on tourists and monetary fluxes related to tourism activities in Po Delta Park. That information will be useful in Phase 2 for the development of the PES scheme feasibility study. ART-ER presented how Payment for Ecosystem Services are linked to Ecosystem Services. The discussion was encouraged resulting from the mapping of tourism activities made by ART-ER and the University of Ferrara. Questions addressed were: is the mapping comprehensive? which are the main economical flows? How obtained revenue could be invested in Po Delta Park? During the meeting, project partners and the participant of the RSG discussed identifying stakeholders involved in tourism activities and how the revenue deriving from tourism is invested in biodiversity valorization of Po Delta Park. The main discussion topics were the identification of elements useful for the development of a PES mechanism in Po Delta ParkTour operators presented how their activities are linked to Park Authority. The feedbacks of the entire discussion were specific to the policy context of the Po Delta Park because the topic was the policy instrument. It was concluded that PES linked to tourism could be feasible in Po Delta Park, even if there is the need for identification of priorities and needs for the valorization of natural resources using revenues gained from PES. This was the last Regional Stakeholder Meeting of Phase 1. During Phase 2 we will meet local stakeholders involved in the development of the Action Plan in dedicated meetings.