South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency, as partner no. 3 of the CLAY project – “Cross Sector Support for Innovative and Competitive Artistic Ceramic SMEs” organized the fifth Regional Stakeholders Group Meeting. The meeting was organized online through the Cisco Webex Platform, on 25th of November 2020 and was attended by representatives of the business environment and representatives of private and public entities.

The online event was opened with a presentation regarding the project implementation stage, the CLAY experts of the South-West Oltenia RDA going through all the activities carried out, so far. Also, within the meeting was discussed the first version of the action plan developed at South-West Oltenia Region level within the CLAY project. There were highlighted the main actions that will be included in the document in order to develop the field of artistic ceramics.

During the virtual meeting was organized a debate concerning the policy instrument targeting the CLAY project and a debate concerning the development needs of the actors in the field of ceramics.

Also, the participants had the opportunity to discuss their financing needs and the opportunities available to them were presented.

At the end of the virtual meeting took place a Question and Answer session.