One of the most active promoters of fishing traditions in Riga Planning Region is the Carnikava Local History Research Center. This Centre has started to address its visitors online and publishes thematic video stories on Facebook during the COVID-19 StayHome period in April 2020. 

The video stories are about Carnikava - an old fishing village located north of Riga, about the house of the Local History Research Center, which is a copy of the fishermen's house "Cēlāji" and about the life and work of fishermen in the past and today. The thematic videos provide information about family of the historic fisherman house in Carnikava, about the traditional lamprey trapping constructions, daily life of the fishermen and traditional crafts. The centre tells its virtual visitors about future projects and the exposition development related to the promotion and preservation of coastal fishermen's culture.  

In February 2015 Carnikava lampreys were included in the European Union's Register of Protected Geographical Indications. In 2019 the lamprey catching and processing skills were included in the National Intangible Heritage List.

Link to the video's can be found here