The catching and processing skills of lamprey in Carnikava is included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Latvia.

The CHERISH project partner Riga Planning Region has stimulated the process and now  the  'Catching and Processing skills of lamprey in Carnikava’  has been included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Latvia and, a certificate was issued in December, 2019. 

The opportunity to apply for the Latvian List of Intangible Cultural Heritage on national level was launched in 2017. The idea of joining to the list was born and developed with the support of Carnikava local community members – fishermen and lamprey bakers. Almost 400 residents of the county have also supported this idea.

"Intangible cultural heritage is the skills and knowledge and traditions, that a particular community considers to be an important element of its identity”, says G.Lancere, an expert of intangible cultural heritage.

Listing the cultural heritage - the catching and processing skills of the lamprey in Carnikava – means ensuring the enhancement of cultural belonging, identity and self-esteem. It activates community and demonstrates support of the municipality as well as increases opportunities for funding to keep and promote cultural heritage tradition.

More can be found on the Facebook page op the Latvian CHERISH partner.