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Digital transformation for slow-starters


Five small steps to take if you are still not doing your digital transformation.

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3 areas to benefit from Digital Transformation


There are 3 areas where small to medium businesses can begin their digital...

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Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience


Many businesses haven’t fully adopted even the most basic digital technologies,...

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Cities and villages of the future must be digital.


The challenges faced by cities and villages today are often remarkably similar.

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DIGEMs: the Slovenian experience


CARPE DIGEM`s Second Partners` and IRSC meeting in Slovenia

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Region Västerbotten started RMSG meetings


Region Västerbotten opens the series of regional stakeholders group meetings

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Presenting CARPEDIGEM project in Bled, Slovenia


Go Digital: Emilija Stojmenova Duh at ‘The engaged university. Linking the...

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Carpe Digem kick-off meeting in Nevers, France


10 organizations from 7 countries attended the project kick-off meeting at...

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About the project CARPE DIGEM


CARPE DIGEM is about how to create Digital Innovation Ecosystems (DIGEM) in...

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