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HACK THE CRISIS DIGEM initiatives from Slovenia


LTFE developed a series of interdisciplinary solutions to answer COVID-19 crisis

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How to hold remote municipal meetings


How to organize remote municipal meetings: a Webinar, organized within 4PDIH in...

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DIGEMs around Europe in surge for new responses


Bulgaria innovators in search for impact beyond the crisis

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CARPE DIGEM meeting of stakeholders in Slovenia


First RMSG meeting in Slovenia blended experience from ERUDITE project to CARPE...

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DIGEM role for economic growth


CARPE DIGEM aims at enhancement and networking of the ‘hard and soft’ resources ...

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1st CARPE DIGEM project meeting in Funchal


The Institute for Business Development, IP-RAM held on January 31 the 1st...

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First Project Stakeholder Group Meeting in Varna


The CARPE DIGEM stakeholder group meeting took place on 24.01.2020 in the Art...

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2020 Digital Transformation Trends


These 5 digital transformation trends are expected to shape the 2020 business...

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Mallorca is advancing with CARPE DIGEM action plan


Mallorca has set up a round of meetings for CARPE DIGEM

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Beyond financial aspects of Digital Transformation


Businesses that invest in their own people and the experiences they are having...

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We are on INSTAGRAM!


CARPE DIGEM is getting more visible in the social media channels

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Towards the DIH of the Balearic Islands


The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca hosted the conference 'An approach to the...

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